Thursday, May 12, 2005


Fucking motherfuck what the fuck!

Goddamit, I hate hippies. No seriously, I do. Not peace-lovers. Not liberals. Not even progressives. I'm all of those. Hippies, though, I fucking despise.

Smelly - I know you don't believe in deoderant, but what about showers? Don't tell me about the natural bullshit of only showering once every few days. If you smell by the second day, you shouldn't wait until the third for a shower. Motherfuckers, learn to clean yourselves!

Slow - I know you smoke weed and drop acid all the time, but have you heard of speed limits? Well, there's a minimum too! Obey it, bitch! You can learn to read faster than 5 words a minute while you're reading those Phish lyrics, right? Maybe I need to feed you something more challenging to stimulate your POS "brain" - pseudobrain - so you can catch up to a 3rd grade reading level. Dumbfucks.

Hippy mentality - Sunroofs? In a fuckin darkroom? (Inside story) Are you fucking joking me? How bout, while we're at it, we should put a live rat in the pest control center lobby. Oh, or maybe we could drink authentic Colombian coffee out of a styrofoam Whole Foods cup? Better idea! Let's kill all you dumbfuckers who buy into this bullshit!

Thanks for your time, you dirty, smelly, hippy freak.

Heh heh heh


P.S. You suck, hippie.


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