Saturday, May 07, 2005

Irony of the Day

This alone makes the mark for Irony of the year. Ghaaaaa, make me sick, please!

Shrub, speaking in Latvia, says that the US played a role in the division of Europe following WWII, laying the groundworks for the expansion of the Soviet Empire into Central and Eastern Europe. Okay, so yeah, I was a student of Central and Eastern Europe. Okay, so yeah, he's right. The whole dividing up East/Central/South Europe on a napkin wasn't really helpful in the whole "United Europe" thing, and the countries of the former USSR are still struggling in the European and larger global market because of the years of "Communism."

Buuuuuuuut... Bush? What the fuck, man? Do you even remember last year? Do you remember the dis to the EU? How about ignoring the UN? Do you remember insulting and degrading the leaders of Europe who dared to question you? Promoting those that supported you? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, all the anti-French propaganda that you and your administration propagated might have hurt inter-European relations a sconch?

Okay, how's about this: remember when you said that Old Europe was losing its foothold in the modern world and called upon the democracies of New (East) Europe to support you and your illegal invasion of Iraq? Think maybe that hurt inter-European relations any?

Bush also lectured Putin, saying that "no good purpose is served by stirring up fears and exploition old rivalries in this region." GODDAMIT! Have you NO sense of irony?

Okay, let me clarify: Global terrorism. Social Security's imminent collapse in 50 years. Homosexuals. Unelected activist judges. Is this stirring up fear? Christians versus secular liberals. Blue states and red states. Pro-lifers versus baby killers. Is this stirring up old rivalries?

I can't even explain how pissed off this guy makes me.


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