Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Outside World

Yeah, yeah. I know, you all loooooove hearing me talk about work so much, so I'm sure you're pissed to see "The Outside World" as the title of this post. Well, fuck you. Sometimes you have to pay at least some tribute to the concept that the world is indeed round, big, and has a whole lot more people on it than you can possibly fucking comprehend. So, towards that end, it's time for yet another installment of "WTF? Non-U.S.? What?"

This time around, I'm doing a little cheating, though. See if you can figure it out. There'll be prizes, in the form of melted 6 year old "Dum-Dum" (r) lollipops.
Today's them is "global merging."

First item shows that the merging of seperate countries into larger groups isn't quite working out so well, whether that be for good or bad. Holland recently rejected a referendum to adopt the EU Constitution, just a few weeks after a French referendum turned out the same result -- although actually the percentage of Dutch voting against it was quite a bit higher than the French percentage.

So, what does this mean? Are Holland and France no longer part of the EU now?

Well, no. See, by saying no to the Constitution, they said that they don't want a EU flag, EU President, and EU central bureaucracy. The Constitution has to be passed by all 25 EU members to be adopted, and it's already been rejected by 2 of them. That's quite an impediment, and major changes will need to be made if this thing's going to fly at all. You ask me, and it's going be another 20-50 years (a wide range, I know, bite me) before this thing might actually happen. So, since the Constitution hasn't passed, the EU will remain as it is - basically and economic cooperative.

Okay, you know how this works. I tell you the news, explain it, and then add my useless little opinion at the end. So...

Here's the major fucking problem with this that I have. Europe is powerful. Very powerful. They have the economic etc. power to have a huge influence. But if they continue to insist on these levels of autonomy, it's just not going to work, and they're going to continue to lose power and bargaining strength, as they have been for the last couple decades. When you've got the US, China, and Russia, who gives a fuck about Europe, right? Can you even name all 25 countries in the EU? Do you give a shit about the fact that you can't? That's what I thought.

Okay, here's a better question: How many countries in the EU are bigger than Texas? Hmm? How many are bigger than Kansas, for that matter? Oh, oh, better question: How many are smaller than Vermont?

Get it together, fuckers! You NEED this! You need to unite completely, not just in the sense of a few trade organizations! You need to unite, show a strong front, and use your collective strength to really make an impact!

Not to mention that this is the natural trend, if you haven't read a fucking history book lately. Germany used to consist of well over 300 different nations, now it's united under one. Now, let's see, do you think Germany does better now, or did they do better in the FUCKING MIDDLE AGES?

Okay, okay, you see my point.

So, here's item number two:

Bill Clinton.

Yeah, dude. Yeah. So apparently this whole goal of becoming SG of the UN is more real than we might have once thought. Apparently it's "more than a flight of fancy but less than a serious prospect."

Clinton has been in India, Sri Lanka, ... oh shit, why bother even listing all of them? The point is, he's been a lot of places recently, and a lot of people have had fantastic things to say about him. As a matter of fact, his popularity around the world has been steadily growing for a while now, in large part due to his message of peace through friendship and alliances, in sharp juxtaposition to the Bush doctrine of "bomb you into peacefulness." Not only has this won friends in areas concerned about getting bombed, it's won lots of allies in places where they're concerned about being marginalized, such as... oh, let's see... all of Europe.

Well, again, it's still only a distant thing, and at that not necessarily a likely possibility, but still... I've been hoping for this ever since I heard about it some 3 or so years ago, and seeing it actually be a major Washington Post story today makes it seem much more likely. Allah be praised.


Whew, I should come up with some sort of coherent closing for this, but I'm fucking tired, and I think you can figure it out - global political arena shifting in strange ways, kind of like a vibration, Clinton maybe uniting global community, French and Dutch voting against unification -- I'm sure you've figured out what this all means.

It means -- we're fucked! Run for the hills! The Armageddon is here!

Oh, wait, no, that's what it means when Bush and Cheney both call the Amnesty International assessment of Guantanamo Bay as "absurd" since it claims that the conditions are deplorable and worse than in the gulag.

Had to end on a downer, didn't I?
Take that, fuckers.

Until next time.


At 16.6.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Europe would gain quite a bit on many accounts by uniting, but a point that you don't mention is that the Constitution needs to be based on fairness towards all countries. The one that was supposed to get passed wasn't. Another point: Not all countries in Europe are equally powerfull, rich, whatever you want to call trying to combine them now before certain standards are met by them could be compared with reuniting Estern and Western Germany. Germany is still - almost 16 years later - not done struggling to rebuild the Eastern parts, economy wise... So many old folks who never paid into the health care system are now, of course, recieving payments from the government. This is creating huge financial holes... and so on. How do you think US citizen would vote if they had to vote on forming a unit with Mexico...? Or Cuba? Ok that was maybe a bit extreme, but you see what I am saying.
I agree with you, Europe would be - and will be - stronger united than not, but this is a gradual process and not a "let's sign this constitution and things will work itself out" process. Just a few years back most major countries in Europe agreed on the Euro, a currency that has been dominating the USD for quite some time now... Little steps, ok? Compared to a "young nation" like the US, Europe is dealing with thousands of years of different traditions, mentalities, internal conflicts, languages and so on. This sort can't jsut be thrown into one big pot and voilĂ , there is Europe. Takes time, like all good things. :-) Oh, and speaking of middle age Germany...that wasn't quite united either until the Modern Times. Take care,


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