Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quotation of the day

Okay, I couldn't resist. This one just had to be put out there. It's from an Newsweek article on ... "Bad Girls Go Wild." Yeah, and that's just where the funny starts.

So this girl... well, let's let the article tell the story:

A quick look at recent headlines is overwhelming indeed. On April 20, a 17-year-old from Lexington, Mass., allegedly slashed open the neck and face of another girl with a bottle of Twisted Tea.

Okay, so there's the back story. And all I really have to say is... DAMN, that's some TWISTED Tea!
Seriously, folks, that's the kind of advertisement we should be seeing on TV for this pseudo-"X-Treeem" bullshit, not actors pretending to skateboard. But I digress.

On to the funny!

Jennifer Orangio, the 18-year-old slashing victim in Massachusetts, says that when she came upon her boyfriend hanging out with an ex in the school parking lot, the heat of her own reaction took her by surprise. Orangio went up to the other girl, Jamie Pelletier, and pushed her. Pelletier "threatened to smash a bottle over my head ... I was, like, 'Go ahead, do it!' And she did it."

Hahahahaha. Seriously, folks, you can't make up this shit.

Have a good night.


At 16.6.05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha I read that too on MSN, and I thought to myself: "I wonder how long this will take to be made into a Lifetime movie..." oh my...
- Lisa


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